Storytelling: Create your intriguing story for career and job-hunting

How can you communicate your unique working and learning experience from your development service / civil peace service in a way that fascinates others and leaves a long lasting impression?

In this workshop, you will apply a toolbox to present your expertise, your project or your experiences from your development service in a variety of story patterns. We will talk about your vision and the mission of your project. After highlighting your personal values and the action strategy, you will develop the following story patterns:

  • Start with “Why”: From your purpose (Why) to methodology (How) and outcome (What). Inspire your audience by applying Simon Sinek’s “Golden Circle”.
  • The Hero’s Journey: Include your personality and vision, resources, and obstacles until the result is achieved. Personal storytelling at its best!
  • The Narrative Spectrum: Instead of boring or confusing summaries, a simple “and – but – therefore” structure can highlight your main idea, as invented by Randy Olson and applied on a global scale.
  • Story with the Pixar Pitch: A bit more sophisticated than the Narrative Spectrum, you will create a lively story for your presentation.
  • Just One Sentence: Get to the point. Summarize your project in an appealing headline and a sophisticated subheading.

In this interactive webinar series you will receive qualified feedback for all your story presentations. You can then deliver them at networking events such as conferences, oral and poster presentations, in job interviews or application letter writin

The webinar series will be facilitated by Dr. Stephen Wagner, Science & Business Trainer and Presentation Coach


Monday 16th October, 18-20h

Monday 23th October, 18-20h

Monday 30th October, 18-20h


With your registration, we assume that you will participate in all three sessions. Otherwise, please let us know in advance.