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Know your interests and show your skills!

Knowing one's own interests and skills is an important precondition for choosing the right job or the right training. Often people do not know what their skills or competences are. In addition, it is a fact that people learn mostly in informal environments like family and through coping with challenges in their everyday life. What you learn in informal environments are often called “informal competences”. Especially during your time abroad, you have certainly acquired many new skills.

The ProfilPASS is a tool that assists you in finding out what your strengths and competences are. It helps you to discover your “informal” or hidden skills. This can be a starting point for well-founded decisions on your future!

Different target groups are using the ProfilPASS

  • People who are looking for a (new) job
  • People who return to work after a family break
  • Employees who want to prepare for the annual performance review, in which tasks, mutual expectations and future career development opportunities are discussed in detail
  • People returning from development service or from a longer stay abroad.

Steps in the ProfilPASS

  • The ProfilPASS will encourage you to examine every area of activity during the course of your life from the standpoint of what you have learned.
  • All that counts is what you have done in your life: School, work, volunteering, leisure time or rearing children. What experiences did you have? And, what of this is still important to you? What do you like doing and what are you good at? You will find out that you have used many different skills, and have learned a number of new ones.
  • From a detailed description of your activities, you extract your competences step by step and evaluate them.
  • Finally, you summarize all what you have learnt. These are your competences, which you document in your personal competence record!

ProfilPASS counselling of the AGdD

Most people are not very experienced in reflecting and exploring their competences. For this reason, it is important to provide accompanying advice and support. Our experienced ProfilPASS advisors are trained in the philosophy and the underlying theoretical approaches of ProfilPASS in order to assist people in finding out what competences they have.

Development workers, civil peace workers as well as partners who have travelled with them, can work with the “ProfilPASS” and reflect on their time abroad.

We would be happy to arrange an individual appointment. This is possible in a personal meeting, but also by phone or video call.

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