AGdD's Networks

For many years, through AGdD’s Reintegration Programme, we have been supporting professional development workers who have served with one of the various development service agencies. We have gained valuable experience over the years and have created a broad network which brings together professionals who have returned from service, development cooperation agencies, and other actors with a special interest in our work.

Our goal is to build up and promote this network and to nurture and strengthen a lively forum for exchange and information sharing. We have therefore developed various services such as digital informal meetings for (returning) professionals and our network of professionals, ConnectED.

If you register with us as a returnee, we will send you information about returning, including our journal, transfer, which is published three times a year.

Link to registration form for returnees

  • Das Bild zeigt eine Gruppe von Personen, die in einer Kneipe um einen Tisch sitzen.
    You can get together regularly online with other professionals - both returnees and others who are still in service - and their accompanying partners. This is particularly exciting because these events bring together professionals from all the sending agencies, including some who are still in service and others who returned a long time ago. This means that you will get to hear a variety of views.
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  • Through our international network of professionals, ConnectED, we give serving professionals and returnees from all the service agencies regular opportunities to make contact and share experiences and ideas.
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  • Social business networks have an important part to play in your job search. In an interview, career coach Silke Grotegut reveals why it is so important to optimise your profile and what you should pay attention to.
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