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    Working as a Consultant

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    Mental health in development service and after

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    Returning to Europe

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    Moving and living abroad


Development Service and Health

As a professional development service worker or an accom-panying family member you gain a lot of new experiences and enriching impressions. But some experiences can also be stressful. Returning home can be difficult too.

It is important to pay attention to mental stress, to take good care of yourself, and to seek help, if you need it. 

In our flyer "Development Service and Health" you will find tips "How to look after yourself and where you can get help with psychological stress."

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  • Knowing one's own interests and skills is an important precondition for choosing the right job or the right training. The ProfilPASS is a tool that assists you in finding out what your strengths and competences are.
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  • The German Development Workers Act came into force on 18 June 1969. Since then, over 30,000 professionals have left the country to perform development service. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary in 2019, we have published a booklet entitled "50 Years of the German Development Workers Act" to show the history of the Development Service and the impressive variety of its implementation. Individual articles of the German edition can be found here in English.
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