After spending several years on assignment for the development services, the time comes for all professionals to return home to Germany or elsewhere in the EU. Are you looking forward to coming back? Are you worried that you will experience greater culture shock returning home than you did when you first arrived in your partner country? Are you wondering what might have changed? What prospects you will have on the job market? And how you can draw together all the different private and professional threads from your life here and in your partner country?

This section provides a range of information and suggestions. AGdD's Reintegration Programme will be happy to answer all your job-related queries. Explore our services, find out more and ask us your questions. Take the time to prepare for your return. And once you are back home, go to one of our seminars, where you will meet lots of like-minded people.

The English version of our website is currently a work in progress. Please contact us if you require any information that is not available yet.