Crisis Prevention

The Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany maintains a crisis precaution list (ELEFAND) for Germans abroad. The registration is done online. The registration in the crisis precaution list is required in order to be alerted in an emergency situation and, if necessary, be included in crisis management measures by the German representation abroad.

Professionals and accompanying family members who go abroad under the German Development Workers’ Act and who do not have German citizenship also have the option of registering on this list. If you belong to this group of people, you can enter your contact details in the form below; the AGdD will forward your details to the German Federal Foreign Office. Afterwards, you will receive a link from the German Federal Foreign Office (by e-mail), which will give you access to the ELEFAND registration form. This process can take several weeks, because the data is bundled and forwarded only once a month.

Note: (Only) German citizens can register directly with ELEFAND:

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How many non-German nationals, living and working abroad in the framework of the German Development Worker’s Act (including Civil Peace Service) do you want to register with the German Federal Foreign Office?