Civil Peace Service

The Civil Peace Service (CPS) is a programme aimed at preventing violence and promoting peace in crisis zones and regions of conflict. It works towards a world in which conflicts are settled without violence. Nine German peace and development agencies run CPS in cooperation with local partner organisations. CPS professionals provide long-term support for local people in their work to promote dialogue, human rights, and peace. The programme is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The Development Workers Act (EhfG) serves as the legal basis for the deployment of CPS professionals. The following nine peace and development agencies are responsible for the implementation of the CPS:

  • Association of Peace Service Initiatives (AGDF)
  • Bread for the World
  • forumZFD (CPS Forum)
  • GIZ
  • KURVE Wustrow
  • Peace Brigades International
  • World Peace Service

Peace improves the climate

Civil conflict management helps to tackle the climate crisis. In the CPS online hub, "Peace Improves the Climate", articles and practical examples show how civil conflict management works and how the integration of climate and peace work can lead to success.

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These nine organisations have joined forces to form the Civil Peace Service Consortium. They each maintain different channels of communication with social groups in partner countries. The Consortium has some important tasks: further development of the CPS; and representation of the CPS to the BMZ and the wider public.

One of the main aims of the CPS is the prevention of violence. This is in no way contradicted by the fact that the CPS often works in countries where conflicts have already escalated. In these so-called post-conflict situations, peace is often fragile and can easily revert to armed conflict. The CPS and its partners work to calm the storm, to bring enemies together, to strike a balance of interests, and thereby re-establish the possibility of reconciliation and peaceful coexistence.

The first CPS professionals went out in November 1999 to promote peace and prevent violence in crisis zones and regions of conflict. Since then, around 1,400 professionals have engaged in civil conflict management in almost 60 countries – with commitment, expertise, and success. The Civil Peace Service has become established as an important programme of German peace policy. Through this programme, Germany is taking responsibility for world affairs wherever there is a need to defuse conflicts and prepare the ground for lasting peace.

You can find out on our statistics page how many professionals currently work in the CPS.

Civil Peace Service Consortium