Webinar: What am I good at and how do I say it – Knowing (and) naming competencies convincingly

22nd October 2024

5:30pm - 8:00pm

The knowledge of and the ability to engage in dialog about one's own competencies is an essential component of successful career design and positioning. This is enormously important, especially in new and reorientation as well as in the job search. Therefore, a method that systematically elaborates balances and "discusses" one's own competencies is an essential help, especially for the application process.

In this webinar, we present such a method, the ProfilPASS. The event includes an introductory group exercise to explore some personal strengths. Information will also be provided on the following:

  • How does the method work? (Overview, process steps, counseling support).
  • What are the benefits of using this method?
  • How can the results of the method be used for career and job hunting?
  • What is AGdD's specific offer to capture post ED competencies?

The webinar will be facilitated by Dr. Christine Gessmann. She is a systemic coach and trained ProfilPASS consultant.