The Association of German Development Services

The Association of German Development Services (AGdD) is the umbrella association for the development service providers recognised by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). Our members place or send professionals who want to work in projects initiated within the scope of development cooperation or the Civil Peace Service. The Development Workers Act (EhfG) provides the basis for our work. We are a point of contact for the parliament, government and political parties and engage in in-depth discussions on issues relating to development service. 

Development Service

  • This webinar will support you step-by-step in creating an authentic profile and successful techniques to build meaningful connections and maintain lasting relationships virtually.
  • There are a few basic requirements that you should meet, if you want to be a professional development advisor. You can find out quickly and easily by using our self-test.
  • What does development service mean? The video shows what development service means today and how professionals work today.
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  • Development service is an expression of solidarity through service for a limited period of time. Professionals put their knowledge and experience to use where people work together to overcome poverty, to advocate for political reforms or promote peace.